2007-06-04 11:38 / WhenD Stanley

When talking about design, what thoughts come to your mind? You might answer a well-designed poster, product, fantastic interior design, or some impressive architecture. Nowadays, “design” seems to be the hottest term. Doing design is like a way to find our dream and make it come true. Someone might be regarded as super when speaking of design and design tasks are regarded as worthy jobs. Can only some people from design education be able to do so-called design? IDSA, the Industrial Designers Society of America, said that design is the profession that can change the quality of life within our society.

What a great job it is, though. Good designs can change something and so can bad ones. Here I want to quote another definition of design from Ralph Kaplan, he said, “Design is making things right.” What a simple definition, suggesting that all of us have the ability to do design. So what kind of design are you going to do?

Design is the way we live everyday. During the process of doing design, a major part of tasks is to locate problems and create solutions. Somehow this model is widely used by everyone everyday. When you drive on the road across the railway, the coming train will make you short-tempered if you are hurry to somewhere. It’s a kind of traffic problem for you and you must have some solutions. It’s impossible that you would go straight and cross the railway without caring you would die of accidents. Other hands, you may find other road advance in case this situation happens. That is how you solve this problem. Of course, you can make as many examples as you can because these things are all in our life.

When the scope of design becomes universal, it means the designer should care more and more people. “Universal design" is an approach to the design of products, services and environments to make them usable by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or circumstance. If we regard design as a way to find solutions to overcome problems, then universal design would be the end result of the thoughtful attitude we show to the world.

Each of you has different jobs, right? Some are dealing with people, products, or affairs. No matter what your job is, the result of your every decision and action will have some influence on those around us, even as far away as other countries through international business. I’ve mentioned a lot about design and its’ definition, design is making things right. However, my point focuses more on making things right. When you always want to make things right, like doing design, please keep those words in mind, one design a day keeps you valuable and your life wonderful.


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