The last project of Competent Communicator is "Inspire Your Audience". Though I still forgot some part of my speech, I didn't take any notes on the stage. If I have time, I would let the speech more entertaining, somehow I think I had made this speech too serious. ~Stanley

Note: Best Speaker

When baby is borne to the world, he starts to learn how to speak by imitating sounds around him. Step by step, he can speak easy words like “papa” or “mama”. And after he grows up and knows more words, he can express his feeling and opinions like “Daddy, I want to eat ice cream.” or “I want mommy.” As time passes by, all of us learn language from school and our life.

Speaking fluently is common for native speaker and we learn communication techniques from listening, speaking, reading and writing. We can use several ways to express our thinking according to different listeners or occasions. Someone who can speak doesn’t mean that he knows how to communicate with others. Communication skills are regarded as speaking arts especially in this business world. If the leader wants to convince his employees of the new goals of company, he should explain what problems they will meet and how do they change the old way. Only when people are persuaded by the bright future and rigid reason, they will devote themselves to promote the progress of the company affairs. Therefore, you can attain the requirements in cooperation with your colleagues through good communication.

However, it’s not easy to complete many things if you can’t talk or you’re a stammerer. Almost ten years ago when I was in junior high school, it’s my first time being monitor. Before and after class, monitor should give the words, stand up, salute and sit down. From then on, I found that I always felt nervous without reason when giving the words. Then I got a nervous stammer. In the beginning, it only happened in the class and the situation became worse time after time. Then I became speechless in most public conversation and even when I talked to myself. What an unfortunate life.

That period of time was my midnight. I ever went to find the help from consultation with mental tutor or even with certain religion to expel evil spirits. Due to depressed mood in my mind, I also went to see a doctor in psychiatry department and all these doings changed nothing. I was all the same that I started speak less and less. It was common for me not saying any words in school in those days.

Frustration filled with my life and I don’t know why. In my elementary school, I was an active boy and had no experience of stammer. Did nervousness or something we didn’t know affect my behaviors? I thought about this question all the time and was eager to find the answer. However one cause of stammer from nervousness became normality and I always can’t speak what I think.

Though it’s not easy for me to accept this phenomenon, I began to get used to what I was in that time because there was no solutions. Since I couldn’t speak fluently, I stopped to speak. Every time when I stammered on the public, I started to observe other people’s facial expression. Some of them were impatient, reflective or without attention. Through observation I became thoughtful about the relationship between different people. Of course, I received good grade in my school without many outdoor activities. Lose it or not, I’m not sure.

If it’s the end of the story, you won’t see me on the stage to deliver the speech. I might stay home watching TV or reading. How could I change myself? The answer is quite simple. Face it but not avoid it. I was afraid of public so I went back to public by joining many activities to accustom to be surrounded by the crowd in my university life. Practice makes perfect. I accepted who I was and stopped to blame everyone and everything. You can understand what you need only when you know who you are. Until now, I get rid of being a stammer and also learn a lot from experiences.

Life is a journey and only you can choose your way. “To be, or not to be”, you are the director of this cinema. Discouragement mostly exists in the process and happenings in our life stimulate you to face it, walk through the comfort zone and have a determination to overcome the obstacles to success. When you have a dream, just speak out and fulfill it step by step. You are the director, so you can decide the story and ending. Are you ready? “Action”.


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