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What else is new? (phr) 不是一直都這樣嗎?
Ever since then, he's been much better. I've seen quite a turnaround.
turnaround (n) 轉變
Well, to turn a phrase, "shortterm pain for long-term gain."
turn a phrase (v phr) 套句話說
I just want to bring you up to date on Mark.
bring/keep someone up to date (v phr) 讓某人得知最新狀況
call the shots (v phr) 發號施令
bicker (v) 拌嘴;吵架
get out of hand (v phr) 失控
bull-headed (adj) 固執的

Tips on Handling Stress 處理壓力的訣竅
Control. Everyone wants it, but how many people really have it? When we strive to control our world and can't, we feel threatened. lf we don't overcome the trapped feeling, stress arises.

* Find the source of your stress by keeping a log. Identify the stressful events, deadlines or people. Try to foresee stress and prepare for it before it comes.
* Identify tasks and prioritize them. Use the jobs you enjoy as rewards for completing tedious ones.
* Set boundaries. Be realistic about what you can or can't do. When faced with a request you're unsure of, say "no," not "yes." Get counsel from others if you can't set boundaries on your own.
* Be positive and keep cool. See your problems as opportunities. Think "What's the first step to finishing this project?" instead of "I'll never be able to finish this project on time!"
* Live in the present. Try not to dwell on past mistakes. Going over and over your failures only increases stress.
* Be flexible and learn to laugh at yourself.
* Build friendships to help you cope.
* Begin an exercise program.
* Take up a hobby or join a club.

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