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Kansei-Engineering of the clothing web site From 2003 July to 2004 March, I got in a project of National-Technology Committee.

This project was a survey on how people select clothes when they want to buy them. The total time of the project was 9 months. First at all, we had a training of program design by Java; and it made us used to the appliance of computer. After then, the project finally begun. The content had data-research, database-building, questionnaire-design, online survey and final statistics of gathering data. The progress of the project must be organized orderly. Understanding the related computer skills and enough knowledge of statistics would make me go through during the project. I think -organizing takes an important role and we must pay more attention to this. During the project, I searched for professional’s help and each group member really did their best. In the project, since the questionnaire was processed on the web, the whole time was shortened and we got a lot of information at the same time. Because we used gifts to catch people’s eyes, it may result in whether the survey had enough correctness.

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